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EMBEDOX provides software development solutions of the highest standard.

Our professional services based on many years of experience in comprehensive software solutions for a wide variety of markets and products.

With the assistance of EMBEDOX you will be free to focus on planning, developing, and implementing the strategy for your market-ready product. 

Embedded Linux & Board Support Package

Embedded Linux &

Board Support Package Development

Linux is being increasingly deployed into a wide range of embedded devices, from the high and low end,

consumer electronics, mobile phones, IoT devices, and many more.

In the rapidly changing embedded market, choosing the right partner can smooth your path to success. EMBEDOX offers quality comprehensive and complete embedded system development services including embedded Linux & board support package development.


Embedded Linux & BSP expertise

Our accumulated knowledge and experience in all aspects of embedded Linux systems from design, board bring-up, development and deployment is at your disposal in every phase of your project.

We have experience deploying open-source embedded operating systems such as YOCTO, Buildroot, Debian, or even custom-made.
From secure IoT and cloud-enabled devices to devices with touch LCD screens with rich graphical user interface requirements.


Comprehensive embedded Linux development services

We apply an holistic vision to provide you with a comprehensive strategy to develop innovative embedded products based on Linux that promote currently leading technologies.

We offer a full range of embedded Linux solutions. 

  • Embedded Linux OS customization

  • Linux kernel & drivers development

  • U-boot and GRUB development

  • Embedded Linux SDK deployment

  • Complete firmware update solution (FOTA)

  • User space applications development

  • QT-based GUI application development

QT & GUI Programming

QT/QML & Cross Platform GUI Programming

EMBEDOX is an official QT company partner, we provide QT/QML professional software development services for embedded devices.


QT is the framework used for implementing cross-platform rich graphical user interface applications.

The QT framework is deployed into a wide range of devices, from high-end desktops and embedded systems through to ultra-low-end edge devices, made possible by solid platform support. 


Innovation for a wide variety of industries


We use QT to build beautiful UX/UI applications across wide range of industries, including the medical, industrial controls, and transportation.

Our QT experience enables us to promote applications capable of more engaging user interfaces on embedded devices with touchscreens.

Microcontroller Programming

Microcontroller Programming

Microcontrollers have become an inherent part of our lives, they are widely used in embedded systems and they are integrated into most of the devices around us.

Software programing for microcontrollers may pose many hardships requiring in-depth knowledge of microcontroller architecture as well as knowledge for using hardware debugging tools. This why our experience in developing microcontroller software can provide you with the most advanced and fast solutions. 


EMBEDOX is providing microcontroller software development services.

Our rich experience with microcontroller programming enables us to provide fast and reliable solutions throughout your entire project: from selecting the best hardware to match your needs, through designing software architecture, developing the most advanced software to match your product requirements, all the way to product refinement, testing and manufacturing. 

We have experience developing products that require hard real-time performance, using bare-metal programming or real-time operating systems like FeeeRTOS, and Zephyr OS.

Android Firmware Customization

Android for Embedded 


With roots stemming from embedded Linux, Android is used as an operating system of devices that require rich user interface and multimedia capabilities.

Android OS provides software developers with a wide variety of versatile features that can be deployed to fulfill customer goals. 


Android firmware customization

EMBEDOX has vast experience in integrating Android operating systems to new devices and developing tailor-made Android firmware solutions for various types of hardware. We assist customers with pre and post implementation procedures and practical issues that may arise. Our fields of particular Android customization specialization.

  • Android porting and customization

  • Android hardware abstraction layer (HAL) development

  • Linux device driver development


Let’s take your product to the next level 

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